NEW: Privacy Stakeholders

Everyone has a role to play in protecting student data privacy. What’s yours?

Trusted Learning Environment State Benchmarking Subscriptions

Support school systems in your state and measure statewide progress in improving student data privacy with 3 subscription plans from CoSN.

Building a Trusted Learning Environment: Understanding the Business Practice

Detailed guide to the TLE Business Practice requirements.

TLE Seal Program Handbook

Learn about the TLE Seal program benefits and tips for managing the application process.

Before You Apply for the TLE Seal

Ready to apply, but not sure where to start? Learn more about what will be asked on the application.

TLE Seal Examples of Evidence

Need help applying for the TLE? Review these examples of evidence for each of the TLE practices.

Trusted Learning Environment Self-Assessment

Are you ready to apply for the TLE Seal?  Take this self-assessment.

TLE Data Governance Policies and Procedures Checklist

Trusted Learning From the Ground Up: Fundamental Data Governance Policies and Procedures

Building a Trusted Learning Environment: Understanding the Data Security Practice

Detailed guide to the TLE Data Security Practice requirements.

Building a Trusted Learning Environment: Understanding the Leadership Practice

Detailed guide to the TLE Leadership Practice requirements.

[Webinar] Developing Business Practices to Support a Trusted Learning Environment

Hear from TLE Seal recipients on how they balance innovation with protecting student data privacy.

The Role of Leadership: Superintendents and Data Privacy

Learn more about the role of superintendents in championing a student data privacy program.

TLE Partner Spotlight: ASBO International

Read, “Protecting Student Data Privacy” in this month’s edition of ASBO’s School Business Affairs magazine.

Build a Trusted Learning Environment with Parents

Tips for talking with parents about your student data privacy program.

Building a TLE Cohort in Your State

Working through the TLE Program can be complex, but you don’t have to go it alone.

TLE Seal Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the TLE Seal Program.

TLE and the Future Ready Framework Crosswalk

Connecting the TLE Seal privacy framework to the Data and Privacy gear of the Future Ready Framework.

Protecting Privacy in Connected Learning Toolkit

In-depth guide to key federal student data privacy laws, working with technology providers, and more.

Student Data Principles

Fundamental principles for a student data governance program developed by CoSN and the Data Quality Campaign.

Protecting Privacy in Connected Learning Online Facilitated Training

This 8-module course covers privacy laws, privacy program development, and building trust with your community.

US ED Protecting Student Data Training Video

This U.S. Department of Education teacher training video is aimed at helping K-12 school officials to better protect student privacy while using online educational services and applications. The video, intended for use during teacher in-service days or professional development meetings, offers a short summary of the issue and provides some examples to help educators identify which online educational services and applications are privacy-friendly and protect student data from improper use and disclosure.