TLE Quarterly Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Welcome to the first Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal Program quarterly newsletter!

As a TLE Seal Program supporter or participant, we want to use this communication to provide you with the latest information about the TLE Seal Program and demonstrate how your support is helping to grow the program nationwide.

We hope you find this newsletter helpful in your privacy efforts, and invite you to promote the program or individual events within your networks.

TLE Seal Program Handbook

The TLE Handbook explains how and why the TLE Seal Program was developed, and the benefits of participating. It also includes a roadmap for getting started with your TLE Seal application, tips for managing the application process and for communicating your TLE Seal to your community.

Before You Apply for the TLE Seal

Ready to apply, but not sure where to start? Download this Word Doc to find out more about what will be asked on the application.

TLE Practices and Examples of Evidence

Need help in applying for the TLE? Download this resource for a list of examples that could be used as evidence for each of the TLE practices.

TLE Seal Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the TLE Seal Program.

TLE Seal Fact Sheet

Parents and other members of school communities are growing increasingly concerned about the protection, collection and use of student data. Seventy-nine percent of parents say privacy of student records is their top concern around technology use in schools, and 76 percent express concerns about how student information is collected and used. As a result, school systems are regularly faced with questions about how they manage their compliance obligations around technology use.

TLE Seal Overview

Developed through the collaborative insight and work of national educational leadership organizations and school systems nationwide, the Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal embodies the commitment of school leadership to safeguard the digital privacy of student data.

TLE Practices

The 5 core practice areas are: Leadership, Business, Data Security, Professional Development, and Classroom. Within each area are a number of specific practices that schools must have implemented in order to be eligible for the Seal.

TLE Webinar Recording (4/16)

Follow Bob Moore, CIO Dallas ISD, and former TLE Project Lead, as he presents the Trusted Learning Environment to schools across the United States.

U.S. Dept. of Ed. Protecting Student Data Training video

This U.S. Department of Education teacher training video is aimed at helping K-12 school officials to better protect student privacy while using online educational services and applications. The video, intended for use during teacher in-service days or professional development meetings, offers a short summary of the issue and provides some examples to help educators identify which online educational services and applications are privacy-friendly and protect student data from improper use and disclosure.

National Cyber Security Alliance

Our mission: To educate and empower our global digital society to use the Internet safely and securely.

Data Security: The First Step to Protecting Student Privacy

Sponsored by Intel. While the term “security” may not be as provocative as “privacy,” security breaches almost always become privacy crises. Ensuring security of data does now ensure privacy, but without effective security measures, there can be no expectation of privacy.

U.S. Dept. of Ed. Privacy Technical Assistance Center

The U.S. Department of Education established the Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) as a “one-stop” resource for education stakeholders to learn about data privacy, confidentiality, and security practices related to student-level longitudinal data systems and other uses of student data. PTAC provides timely information and updated guidance on privacy, confidentiality, and security practices through a variety of resources, including training materials and opportunities to receive direct assistance with privacy, security, and confidentiality of student data systems.

Student Privacy Pledge

A collaborative effort led by the Software & Information Industry Association and The Future of Privacy Forum

The Future of Privacy Forum

Education is changing. New technologies are allowing information to flow within schools and beyond, enabling new learning environments and new tools to understand and improve the way teachers teach and students learn. Schools and the service providers supporting education must ensure that they maintain responsible privacy practices to safeguard student data.

Data Quality Campaign

The Data Quality Campaign (DQC) is a national, nonprofit organization leading the effort to bring every part of the education community together to empower educators, parents, and policymakers with quality information to make decisions that ensure students excel.

Student Data Principles

A collaborative effort led by CoSN & the Data Quality Campaign (DQC).

Protecting Privacy in Connected Learning

Educators and policymakers are increasingly realizing the potential in using student data to make informed decisions. But even with all that potential, balancing technology advances with the need to protect student privacy and data is a major challenge.

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