The TLE Framework

CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) stands at the forefront of helping school systems utilize technology in the classroom and manage their data privacy and security responsibilities. We provide concrete tools to clarify the steps needed to align with the regulatory requirements and set high standards around protecting student data.

  • In July 2015, 28 school systems began working together to define the characteristics of a Trusted Learning Environment.
  • In late September, we asked more than 50 school system technology leaders to validate TLE practices in 5 areas; Leadership, Business, Data Security, Classroom and Professional Development. The response was overwhelmingly positive in validating the work.

Through participation in the TLE program, school systems commit to high compliance standards and continuous examination and evolution of privacy practices.

  • This is the only data privacy seal for school systems. It signals adherence to high standards around protection of student data.
  • The TLE Seal is a comprehensive approach for establishing frameworks around the protection of educational data.
  • School systems will have the opportunity to earn the TLE Seal by demonstrating their commitment to excel in each of the following areas:

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The TLE Seal Practices

For a detailed description of each, click here


Leadership Practice: manage and collaborate with stakeholders regarding the use and governance of student data to inform instruction


Classroom Practice: implement educational procedures and processes to ensure transparency while advancing curricular goals


Data Security Practice: perform regular audits of data privacy and security practices and publicly detail these measures


Business Practice: establish acquisition vetting processes and contracts that, at minimum, address applicable compliance laws while supporting innovation


Professional Development Practice: require school staff to conduct privacy and security training and offer the instruction to all stakeholders

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