Trusted Learning Environment

The TLE Seal is a mark of distinction for school systems, signaling that they have taken measurable steps to implement practices to help ensure the privacy of student data. Congratulations to the inaugural set of schools to earn the new Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal.

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Why is TLE Important

Data show that a large majority of parents are concerned about the privacy and security of their students and student data. Earning the TLE Seal indicates that a school system has taken measurable steps to implement strong practices to ensure the privacy of student data.

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The TLE Seal

The seal will signify that a school has broadly and deeply implemented strong, measurable and publicly available practices to ensure the privacy of student data.

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Who is Eligible?

The TLE Seal is open to all K-12 schools. By “school” we are referring to school organizations of all governance structures, including public school districts, private schools, parochial schools, charter schools, etc.

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When looking at the evolving digital tools and ongoing related activities in classroom settings, we agree with parents: They need assurance that student data is protected. This is why school system technology leaders and our diverse education leadership partners are putting forth this national program that builds a culture of trusted learning in all K-12 school systems.

Keith Krueger , CEO of CoSN

We are pleased to partner with ASCD, ASBO and CoSN in this initiative to safeguard the digital privacy of student data. At a time when educational technology, connectivity and personalized learning are at the forefront of everyone’s mind as it relates to education, we have a responsibility to apply the safety we ensure for our students in the classroom to their educational records and related data.

Daniel A. Domenech, Executive Director, AASA, The School Superintendents Association

The Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) is proud to support the Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) program, which provides school leaders clarity in a vague regulatory environment with conflicting federal and local student data privacy laws and policies by instilling best practices in student data management. As school districts are charged with increasing responsibilities under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), K–12 leaders must develop accountability systems that rely on student data to increase their chances for success. Effective student data use is critical to improve education quality, but safeguarding this data is equally important. The TLE program presents an invaluable opportunity for schools to build stakeholders’ trust and stay ahead of student data and security challenges. Once a district has the TLE seal, parents will know that their schools are going above and beyond to ensure their child’s personal information is safe.

John Musso, Executive Director, ASBO International

CoSN wanted to get out in front of the federal and state legislation that’s in the works that’s going to update the existing privacy acts that exist for students already. They wanted to have people in the know – educators – make the decisions instead of legislators.

Nick Vickrey, Data Integration Specialist, HCCSC (IN)

As technology use has increased in schools, parents have become increasingly concerned about the rules and systems in place to protect each child’s privacy and data. Educators, likewise, care deeply about and are committed to protecting their students. For these reasons, we are pleased that the Trusted Learning Environment Seal has been developed. The trusted seal signifies to parents, educators, and the public that the issue is a top priority for school systems that display it and that rigorous and comprehensive policies and practices are in place to keep student information secure.

Deb Delisle, ASCD CEO & Executive Director

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